Ten Covered Bridges of Lancaster County
A motor tour of Pennsylvania road architecture

The start of this motor tour is at the intersection of Route 462 and Prospect Road in the K–Mart parking lot and the end at the Country Pride Drive-in along Route 272 near the entrance to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The total distance is 47 miles. To reach the start, take 30 East from York and after crossing the Susquehanna and passing Columbia, take the Prospect Road exit south. You’ll find the K-Mart lot to your left at the Traffic Light.

TL = Traffic Light, T = T Intersection

For a print friendly pdf version of these instructions with mileages, click here.

Leave the K-Mart parking lot at the west exit and turn right to head North on Prospect Road.

LEFT at TL onto Route 23 (This is Marietta Pike)

RIGHT onto Bridge Valley Road

  • Bridge #1 – Forry's Mill – built in 1869 over Chickies Creek – 103’

BEAR LEFT to stay on Bridge Valley Road

RIGHT onto Pinkerton Road

RIGHT onto Siegrist Road

  • Bridge #2 – Siegrist’s – built in 1885 over Chickies Creek – 101’

LEFT at Stop onto Prospect Road

LEFT onto Schenck Road


One of the Bridges on the Tour.

Just another Covered Bridge.

LEFT to go over

  • Bridge #3 – Schenck's Mill – built in 1885 over Chickies Creek – 96’

RIGHT onto Auction Road

LEFT at Stop onto Colebrook Road (Road sign is hidden on the right behind a utility pole)

RIGHT at TL onto Mount Joy Road

RIGHT onto Sun Hill Road

  • Bridge #4 – Kauffman’s Distillery or Sporting Hill – built in 1874 over Chickies Creek – 96’

LEFT at Stop to stay on Sun Hill Road

RIGHT at Stop onto Fruitville Pike

STRAIGHT at 772 to stay on Fruitville Pike

RIGHT at TL “To 722”

LEFT onto Route 722 East

STRAIGHT at TL onto Valley Road (at Lititz Pike)

LEFT onto Oregon Pike (this is 272)

RIGHT onto Hunsicker Road

  • Bridge #5 – Hunsicker's – built in 1843 over Conestoga Creek – 180’

Not a Bridge.
You'll have to find this yourself - it is on the route.

Another side of the same barn. This side faces the road.

LEFT onto Mondale Road

LEFT onto Bridge Road (this sideroad may be unmarked – after a nice Amish Farm)

  • Bridge #6 – Pinetown – built in 1867 over Conestoga Creek – 133’

RIGHT onto Creek Road (Left at first Stop, Right at second Stop and Straight at third Stop)

RIGHT at Stop onto East Oregon Road (this is 722)

LEFT onto Becker Road (this will sneak up on you – it’s opposite the Hess Station before the Stop)


Not all the bridges on the road are covered. Find this one!

Typical arch construction of the bridges in PA.
The arch is the main support of the span.

RIGHT onto Log Cabin Road

  • Bridge #7 – Rose Hill, Wenger's or Zook's Mill – built in 1849 over Cocalico Creek – 89’ -- This bridge is closed to motor traffic. At the bridge, make a U-turn to retrace your route along Log Cabin Road.

RIGHT onto Church Road

LEFT at TL onto Main Street (Route 772)

BEAR RIGHT at next TL in Rothsville to stay on East Newport Road (to leave 772)

RIGHT onto Rothsville Station Road

RIGHT at T onto Millway Road (Road sign may be missing)

LEFT at T onto Picnic Wood Road

  • Bridge #8 – Samuel Erb's – built in 1887 over Hammer Creek – 80’

RIGHT onto Middle Creek Road

LEFT onto Meadow Valley Road

RIGHT onto Rettew Mill Road

Leave your monster SUV at home! Most of the bridges on this tour will only tolerate 6000#.

"You find the snow.
We'll ship you to anyplace in the USA or Canada."

His pleasure is his business!

Bridge #9 – Keller's – built in 1891 over Cocalico Creek – 74’ -- Due to heavy road traffic on the aging, one-lane bridge, construction on a new steel and concrete bridge to bypass the covered bridge occurred in the summer of 2006. According to an Ephrata Township supervisor, the original bridge has been disassembled and will be reassembled a few miles downstream to replace an existing one-lane Mill Creek Road bridge.

LEFT onto Rothsville Road

LEFT onto Route 272

RIGHT onto Cocalico Creek Road (this turn will sneak up on you)

  • Bridge #10 – Bucher's – built in 1881 across Cocalico Creek – 60’

LEFT at T after Bridge back to 272

RIGHT onto Route 272

Continue STRAIGHT at Spur Road TL..

Continue to Stoudt's Black Angus Restaurant & Pub in Adamstown. 717-484-4386

To return to the start, take Spur Road to 222 and take 222 South to Lancaster. At Lancaster, take 30 West back to the start.

For a print friendly pdf version of these instructions with mileages, click here.

Some of the fall scenes around Lake Redman.
All were taken from Hess Farm road just off Exit 10 of I83.