Ken's Journal
No. 6 - Summer 2007

Lake George, NY
July 16-19, 2007 - Days 1-4 on the road. Part I.

The plan is to see the Maritimes in Northeast Canada - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. If I've time, I'll get into the Gaspe Peninsula, part of Quebec.

My route is only roughly planned. I'll spend the first couple days in Lake George, NY then move on to the Acadia NP near Bar Harbor, ME and then jump into Canada at Calais, ME. From there I'll wander up the shore of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Generally following the shore northeast, I'll cross into Nova Scotia at the head of the Bay. Then I'll circle Nova Scotia, again generally following the shoreline, in a counter clockwise direction. At the northeast, I'll take in Cape Breton Island, the Cabot Trail and other sights as I come along them. Then I'll head on to Prince Edward Island, then back to New Brunswick and north into Quebec and the Gaspe. Heading home and coming back into Maine near Van Buren (look it up in an atlas) I'll seek the end of (or beginning of) US Route 1 at Fort Kent and head stright down through the center of Maine on SR 11. Then I may come back to Acadia NP/Bar Harbor for a few more days before heading home across Maine and the top of New Hampshire, Vermont and New York on US Route 2.

The Lake George area is a huge magnet for summer vacationers from the city trying to escape from the heat. Main Street Lake George looks like the boardwalk at Ocean City, MD, except on both sides of the street. This is a true vacation destination . . . !

All set up in camp at Lake George NY.

Hiway Americana. It doesn't get any better than this! This is the "Magic Forest" amusment park right next to Lake George. Their signs advertise "25 Rides, See Santa, Live Animals, Diving Horse and Two Shows!" By noon, their parking lot will be packed!

They tow this bit of kitsch through the downtown streets of Lake George advertising their park.

The beach at the south end of Lake George. Early in the morning, there's not much going on. That's a Cruise Boat in the background.

Later, I take a Luncheon Cruise on this boat, the Lac du Saint Sacrement. Lake George is 32 Miles long and perhaps 2 miles wide at the widest. The Luncheon Cruise takes you 14 miles down the lake and back. Boarding and the Lunch Buffet start at 11:00 am, the cruise starts at Noon and returns at about 2:30 pm.

The sister ship to the Sacrement, the Minne-Ha-Ha. This boat is an actual paddle wheel boat - paddle in the back.

I sure hope they filter it!

Where else? This "float" advertises a weekly Rodeo at the Painted Pony Ranch. They also have a "Texas Style Barbecue Buffet" and claim their "Longhorn Saloon" is the area's hottest country western dance club!!
Who'd a thought all this in the middle of upstate New York?

One of the other lake cruisers, the Adirondac. In all, there are about 6 of these boats.

The Adirondac again and up close!

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