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Central Arizona Cowboy Shooter News
September/October 2019
Current News

Help Wanted - ACSA is seeking to replace two retirements on our board. We are in need of a Range Master who is leaving us at the end of the year, and a Member at Large, who is leaving after the October match. Click here to go to a PDF of the job duties for both.

Rate Increases to Have an Impact. Ben Avery, the home of ACSA and Winter Range, has proposed a rate increase for sometime soon. This increase effects all venues at the range. For us Cowboy shooters at ACSA, it means an increase of the range fee from $6 per shooter to $8 a shooter. If that happens, we will try to absorb the increase and not raise our match fees, but that may be difficult. Now think about Winter Range, With some 790+ shooters for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, that's some 2376 shooters at a $2 increase per each. Now add in the Wild Bunch Shooters, Side Matches, Warm Up and you have a substantial increase just in the shooter fees paid to Ben Avery. YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED. Ben Avery has posted a survey which may be found here. This page is the survey but shows only the Archery Fee increases. Click on the link below that form for all proposed increases.

At the bottom of this page I'm starting a List of Cowboy Resources. I'll start it with the Cowboys and Indian Store. Seems Jim Bowie has recently moved the store from California to Mohave Valley, Arizona. You can still find his website at

Local Events Coming Soon

The Pima Cowboys will have their next Match on October 12th and will be a Bordertown Warm-up. There will be 6 stages again with a Bordertown bent to them closer, fast and as we already know - BIG!  No 12” circles this time.  I promise … (So Sez Too Tall Bob)

We will be having a Cowboy swap meet after our match for October (Oct 12) so clean out your closets, charge up your wallet, tell your pards and lets have a big (lots of folks) match and a great swap meet.  As you may know, there is no swap meet at Bordertown…

As a reminder, we have Thursday morning practice at the range.  We start at 7:30 a.m. (until we have to adjust for daylight). There are targets set up so you can work on your problem areas or just get another chance to put lead down range.  If we can get enough folks showing up, it can turn into a 4 stage mini match.

Los Vaqueros hosts two one day cowboy matches the weekend before Bordertown at the Tombstone Livery Stable (Same place as Bordertown). October 19 & 20.

Bordertown is Tuesday, October 22 through the 27th - Tuesday through Sunday.

Rio Salado - SHOOTOUT AT USERY PASS, 27th Anniversary Shoot. See how the West was fun. Saturday November 2, 2019. Held by Rio Salado Cowboy Action Shooting Society. Match will be limited to the first 80 applicants. Must pre-register. For additional information and entry form go to RSCASS website:

Next Year

January and February are going to be busy. Seems there is a lot of interest in preparing for Winter Range.

The Pima Cowboys will set up their Saturday, February 8 match to try to accommodate those Cowboys that don't make it to ACSA 2-day shoot and will add TWO stages for a total of EIGHT STAGES! 

That weekend of February 8-9 will see ACSA hosting two 6-stage matches, one Saturday and one Sunday. The Application will be available soon.

The next weekend, February 15-16, will be the 2020 AZ WB Championship at Cowtown. The application can be found here.

The weekend after that, February 22-23 is 2020 Fire & Ice at Cowtown. The application can be found here.

The next day, February 24, the 2020 edition of Winter Range gets underway with the 10-Stage SASS Wild Bunch Championship on Monday and Tuesday, Side matches and Warm up on Wednesday, and then the Main Cowboy match on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The 2020 WR Home page is here and the 2020 Application can be found here.

If anyone has news that would be of interest to the other Cowboy shooters in Arizona, please email me with details and I will publish the information in the next newsletter.

Popular Events Outside AZ
Eldorado is Thursday, October 3 through the 5th - Thursday through Saturday. New this year is a Wild Bunch Side Match On Thursday at 1:00 PM - cost is $10 payable at registration. If you are one of the early arrivers, you can register Wednesday from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM. Avoid the rush on Thursday!
Download Monthly Calendars Here

The October Calendar is going to look a bit different. Instead of starting the week on Sunday, this one starts on Monday. This is so that Saturday and Sunday can be seen together at the end of the week. Let me know your thoughts on that.

Event Listing
Rio Salado 1st Saturday Rio Salado East of Phoenix
CCSA 1st Sunday Cowtown North of Phoenix
Old Pueblo Shootist 1st Sunday Old Pueblo Near Tombstone
ACSA 2nd Saturday ACSA North of Phoenix
Pima Pistol Club Cowboys 2nd Saturday Email
Too Tall Bob
North of Tucson
Whiskey Row Gunslingers 2nd Sunday Whiskey Row Near Prescott
CCSA 3rd Saturday Cowtown North of Phoenix
Los Vaqueros 3rd Saturday Los Vaqueros Near Tombstone
Northern AZ Territory Cowboys 3rd Saturday Email
Coconino Pistolero
East of Flagstaff
White Mountain Old West Shooters 3rd Saturday WMOWS NE of St. Johns
Mohave Sportsmans Club Cowboy 3rd Sunday MSC Cowboy Shooters SW of Kingman
Yavapai Rangers 4th Saturday Yavapai Near Cottonwood
Dusty Bunch 4th Saturday Dusty Bunch Near Casa Grande
Old Pueblo Shootist Wild Bunch 4th Saturday Old Pueblo Near Tombstone
CCSA Wild Bunch 4th Sunday Cowtown North of Phoenix
Colorado River Shootists 4th Sunday Colorado River Shootists Near Yuma
Cowboy Resources
Parts for Long Guns and Pistols
Jim Bowie at Cowboys and Indian Store - Click here for his Website
Comments, Corrections & Club News may be submitted to Kenny Reds at