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Central Arizona Cowb oy Shooters News
November 2018
Monthly update

CCSA News. This coming weekend is the Cowtown Annual, Shootout in the Saguaros, and will be a 12 stage match with 6 stages each on Saturday and Sunday. There is still room left for more shooters so come on out. If you haven't sent in an application, print and fill this one out and bring it with you.

CCSA membership is up for renewal by the first match of 2019. Save yourself (and everyone else) some time and print the Membership Application and Registration/Waiver forms, fill 'em out and bring 'em with you. (And some $$ too.)

ACSA. Membership is up for renewal by the first match of 2019. You can find the membership application here.

Last weekend we had a good showing for the Cowtown Work Party and managed to get three more stages near completion. Cowtown is back to ten stages from the interim seven after the monsoon flooding this past summer. Here's a couple pics of the work being done.

Lots of Activity ...

Lots Going On

Setting targets ...

Setting Steel

So how many gub'mint workers to dig one post-hole ... ?

How Many ...

I'm afraid to ask ...

Afraid to Ask

New Stages, New Fence ...

New Stages

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