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Central Arizona Cowboy Shooter News
May/June 2019
Current News

In Passing - Wild Bodie Tom passed away the morning of Tuesday, May 21, due to complications from a heart attack. There is a thread on the SASS wire HERE.

CCSA - There will be no match on the 3rd Saturday and 4th Sunday in JUNE. Barbwire and Zona will be at EOT.

ACSA - Zona is the new Territorial Governor for ACSA.

OPSA will be hosting the Arizona Black Powder State Championship the weekend after Bordertown, November 2-3. 2019/ Info can be found on the OPSA Website here.

Rio Salado Cowboys will be hosting a SASS RO-1 Course on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa AZ. More information can be found in their flyer here.

ACSA has recycled lead shot for sale. For members only, $34 a bag. Getcha some at the next match.

If anyone has news that would be of interest to the other Cowboy shooters in Arizona, please email me with details and I will publish the information in the next newsletter.

Popular Events Outside AZ

The San Juan Regulators will be hosting the Colorado State Championship in Montrose Colorado, June 7-9, 2019.  More information and applications can be found on the SanJuanRange website here.

End of Trail, The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, will take place at the Founder's Ranch, in Edgewood NM, from June 13 through June 23, 2019. Information and applications may be found on the SASS website here. The Schedule may be found here.

The weekend after the Colorado State Championship in Montrose, the Windy Gap Regulators will host The Revenge in Cortez CO on June 14-16, 2019. More information and applications can be found on the WindyGapRegulators website here. This match is limited to 100 shooters so get your application in the mail soon.

If you're not shooting Wild Bunch at EOT, you can shoot the Colorado State Championship, The Revenge the weekend after, and then make the easy 300 mile run to Edgewood NM in time for the EOT Cowboy match. Check the EOT Schedule and Plan your trip wisely!

Download Monthly Calendars Here
Event Listing
Rio Salado 1st Saturday Rio Salado East of Phoenix
CCSA 1st Sunday Cowtown North of Phoenix
Old Pueblo Shootist 1st Sunday Old Pueblo Near Tombstone
ACSA 2nd Saturday ACSA North of Phoenix
Pima Pistol Club Cowboys 2nd Saturday Email
Too Tall Bob
North of Tucson
Whiskey Row 2nd Sunday Whiskey Row Near Prescott
CCSA 3rd Saturday Cowtown North of Phoenix
Los Vaqueros 3rd Saturday Los Vaqueros Near Tombstone
Northern AZ Cowboys 3rd Saturday Email
Coconino Pistolero
East of Flagstaff
Yavapai Rangers 4th Saturday Yavapai Near Cottonwood
Dusty Bunch 4th Saturday Dusty Bunch Near Casa Grande
Old Pueblo Shootist Wild Bunch 4th Saturday Old Pueblo Near Tombstone
CCSA Wild Bunch 4th Sunday Cowtown North of Phoenix
Colorado River Shootists 4th Sunday Colorado River Shootists Near Yuma

Click here for a letter from Too Tall Bob about the Pima Match
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